Stalked ARC (ALIAS #1) by Lisa Hughey-5/5 Star Review

Kita Kim is a strong and rebellious woman working at ALIAS (Adams-Larsen Inc. and Associates)- a PR Agency on paper but mostly deals with getting innocent people into hiding.  She has had enough important people in her life let her down that motivates her to help others find a new identity.

Alex Saunders is a deputy marshal for the US Marshals assigned to the case of Judge “Bobby” Adams, an old federal judge with a wandering eye when it comes to women.  Alex lives and breathes rules and protocol.  They are there for a reason.  A good reason.  He made the mistake of not following the rules once when he was younger and it has haunted him since.

Can a rebel and a Marshal work together for the protection of a federal judge long enough to find out who has been threatening him?

This book is simply marvelous! FINALLY a book has come along in my TBR pile that I can fly through in one day because it is next to impossible to put down.  There are twists and turns with each chapter.  When the action is not in the streets, it is in the sheets.  A suspenseful novel with a passionate romance so steamy that my glasses were constantly foggy.  This book was fast-paced.  The main characters had depth and developed smoothly.  There was girl power, romance, and strong friendship ties that tugged at my heart.  I highly recommend this book for anyone who particularly enjoys romantic suspense novels.  It was, in a word, thrilling.

For those who may be sensitive: There is violence, graphic sex scenes, foul language, and physical abuse in a domestically violent situation.

Please note: an electronic copy of this novel was generously provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


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