Miracle On 5th Avenue (From Manhattan With Love #3) by Sarah Morgan Review: 5/5 Stars!

Eva Jordan is a hopeless romantic in the worst time of year to be single: the holidays. Furthermore, she is struggling with grief following the death of her grandmother who raised her. Yet through all of this she remains optimistic. Even in the face of her latest work assignment, the cynical widowed crime fiction writer, Lucas Blade. When a winter storm traps them in the same place, will opposites attract?

I was a little nervous about starting this book because I had not realized that it was part of a series before I had requested it. Fortunately, it did not hinder the storyline at all. This book could easily read as a standalone and I assume the other 2 books have to do with her 2 best friends and co-workers. There is a brief background provided when these characters are introduced that was helpful and flowed well with the story.

What also flowed well with the story was the development of the characters. Lucas and Eva’s story reminded me of the tale of Beauty & The Beast as we see Lucas transform from cynical to charming. Additionally, events in the story also reminded me of Cinderella, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and Anastasia. Since all of the above mentioned movies are some of my favorites, this book also quickly became one of my favorites. In fact, once I finished it, I was tempted to start the book over right away because it made me so happy. I highly recommend this book for anyone looking for an uplifting holiday romance. However, I should also warn you not to read this book hungry because Eva also has a food blog and her culinary creations were very tempting.

For those who may be sensitive: there is foul language and graphic sex scenes.

Please note: a copy of this book was generously provided by the publisher via NetGalley.

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