The Trouble with a Highland Bride (Campbell Sisters, #3) by Amanda Forester-4/5 Star Review

Gwyn is a fiercely independent sibling of the large Campbell family that inconveniently ends up in the wrong place at the wrong time far too often.  Her older brother David rules the castle that was part of the marriage agreement to his English wife Isabelle.  A castle that the English king wants back.

Jack is an English Captain who was given the title when his father passed away.  His uncles have harbored jealousy and bitter rage at his sudden rank despite the obligation to care for Jack as a nephew.  On the brink of war, Jack sets off on his own to prove to his uncles that he is worthy of his title.  Instead, he ends up needing to prove his character worthy to a certain lady when he ends up caught in a trap.

I must admit: If this book had been on a shelf in a bookstore, I might not have even had the interest to pick it up.  Highlander romances are not books that I am very familiar with but I may be more optimistic in the future.  I really enjoyed the fast pace and character development.  I also enjoyed the family interactions on Gwyn’s side and how it starkly contrasted with Jack’s uncles.  Lastly, I appreciated that this book read as a standalone despite it being the third book in a series.

Points of concern: there was mild violence and sexually suggestive scenarios.

Please note: an electronic copy of this book was provided for free from Sourcebooks Casablanca via daily e-mails containing excerpts. You can sign up for these e-mails by going to and clicking on the Free Romance Reads Daily Email.



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