BONUS! A New York Christmas Story by Sarah Morgan-5/5 Star Review!

It might have been clear by now, given that the last few posts have been about it, but I have become a huge fan of Sarah Morgan!  As mentioned before, I received Midnight At Tiffany’s for free from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review a few months ago (Thanks NetGalley!).  After I finished reading  it, I discovered that it was actually the third book in the series From Manhattan With love.  To say I was ecstatic would be an understatement.  I found Sleepless in Manhattan (From Manhattan With Love #1 my review:Sleepless in Manhattan (From Manhattan With Love #1) by Sarah Morgan-5/5 Star Review! ) in paperback and bought it along with Sunset in Central Park (From Manhattan With Love #2  my review: Sunset In Central Park (From Manhattan With Love #2) by Sarah Morgan- A 5/5 Star Review!).

Sunset in Central Park focused on Matt and Frankie’s developing relationship, however, it also had another romantic storyline intertwined: James and Roxy’s.  A couple of scenes hinted at their crushes on one another and left me begging for more of their story.  So desperately that I tweeted author Sarah Morgan ( @SarahMorgan_ ) semi-politely requesting a book based on their romance.  She graciously tweeted me back and, after I recovered from the extreme excitement of the fact that she replied, gave me the link to the story, A New York Christmas Fairy Tale, on Harlequin’s website where it can be read for FREE.

Roxy is a single mom recovering from an abusive relationship trying to get her independence back.  She works as many hours as possible to give her daughter Mia the best life.  She takes on another part-time job so that Mia can get the dollhouse she wants and have the best “kissmass” of her little toddler life.  She does not like asking for help and refuses to be pitied.

James remembers the first day that Roxy started working with him very well and has not been able to get her out of his mind since.  He gave up his career as a lawyer and now works for Matt at his garden architecture business.  He loves pretending to be a pony and give little Mia pony rides but cannot pretend he does not have feelings for Roxy.  He just has to figure out the right way to tell her.

It exceeded my expectations just like the other three books did, despite its’ short length.  I read it in one sitting and basically fawned over it.  It is perfectly sweet and left me just short of giddy.  It can be read as a standalone but I enjoyed reading it after Sunset In Central Park because the other characters play into this storyline so well.

P.S. The website is here: A New York Christmas Fairy Tale


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