The Christmas Cottage (Ever After) by Samantha Chase-3/5 Star Review

Ava and Mason are getting married. This alone is cause for some family stress, but when it’s a Callahan that’s getting married, it has to be a huge event. Fortunately for Ava, her best friend Lacey is her maid of honor.

Lacey Quinn has been best friends with Ava since childhood and in love with her older brother, Ean, since then too. She has been equipped with an extremely detailed binder of instructions to get the cottage ready for Ava and Mason’s honeymoon. Every detail was specified in the giant book, except the minor detail that Ean would be coming home early from out of state and hoped to stay at the cabin before getting together with his family.

When they meet again, accidents happen, a bad snowstorm rolls in, and they both have to decide how to go about their feelings while setting up the cottage.

The story was easy to relate to when Ava and Lacey’s opposite personalities clashed. Ava’s personality in particular was one that I have met in real life a few times. A person so desperate for the romantic fantasy of love that they overlook the red flags along the way. I wanted to like her, since she was the main character’s best friend, but I found her to be exhausting and immature.

A lot of it was over the top, although it may have felt more so because of the overuse of exclamation marks. It was predictable and rather impractical, but despite these things it was also a cute and quick holiday read.

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